about cindy

Cindy Pruitt is an indie pop/soul artist and musician based in Houston. She has been a member of several Houston bands but is best known for her role in the all-girl band Fluff the Kat. When she is not performing with Fluff the Kat or solo she stays busy as an engineer/producer at her studio Smiley Face Records. She has embraced an organic approach to her music production as well as her studio work.

Her solo shows are a little livelier than you'd expect at most "singer/songwriter" events. Incorporating a loop station and various effects pedals she creates a lush sound as a "one-woman" show. Her original song Figure It Out from her first release has received radio play on KPFT in Houston and KVRX in Austin. She performed solo at the 2008 Houston Pride Festival and with her band Fluff the Kat at the 2009 and 2010 Pride Festivals.

Fluff the Kat
Smiley Face Records
Graphics by Cindy

Little Known Facts

KFC Commercial It's true! Cindy's first brush with fame came in the form of a regional TV commercial for Kentucky Fried Chicken when she was 9. Filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah at KSL Studios.

This one time in band camp... It all started in school band 5th grade with Clarinet. Throughout Junior and Senior High Cindy was in Concert Band moving from Bass Clarinet to Contrabass Clarinet to Alto Sax and eventually on to Percussion.

Quad Speed Skating A much younger Cindy competed as a short track quad skate speed skater.

Tae-Kwon Do Cindy took 4 years of Tae-Kwon Do at Unified Tae-Kwon Do and actually got as far as red belt.

Ambidextrous Cindy started out life as a lefty...but switched to righty in elementary school.

First Song ever Written Six of One was written for her Grandparents' wedding anniversary one year. They had 68 years together before Grandpa passed.

Mom always sang... "And I loved it. There were actually several songs we'd have to play two times in a row so we could take turns singing backup. Stereo time was OUR time. I miss her every day".

Random Thoughts by Cindy...

Music transcends all, everything is better with the Beatles, C#m7 is the best chord ever! More Random Thoughts... I will be adding more random thoughts and crazed ramblings here as the mood so moves me. In the meantime, take a lesson from the Beatles..."And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make"